Why ita��s Important for a Voice over Talent to Have a Familiar Accent?

The perfection and skill of a Voice over is barely noticeable until it is improper enough to make you realise that this in itself is also a major talent. Choosing the right Voice over is a major requirement for various documentaries, films and videos for education, marketing, financial or recreational purposes. And finding a well-suited and well-narrated accent is an added task.

Although a Voice over talent requires many elements like proper pronunciation and accent.Along with that, there is also the flow of reading, education of the product or service, the sound of understanding of the content (even if the voice over actor is as illiterate of the product as a layman) and pleasant, expressive,A� and disciplined control of voice. However, a proper familiar accent for the target audience holds primary importance in the list. Unless and until the accent is familiar to the listener he (or she) would not be able to comprehend the content and rather would lose interest in listening to the particular content and switch to a more familiar and understandable content. For example English voice over is a tricky one as English is the most spoken languages around the world and in several accents everywhere. Also, there are many dialects in the UK itself of the language. In such a scenario not all audiences are same for a single English voice over. A northern UK native would not be interested in a dialect of another region. Nor would he be able to comprehend the content properly. Thus seeking a proper English voice over talent becomes important in such a case.

Familiarity with language

Slang language spoken in everyday life consists of such words whose meanings may vary from region to region. In such a case a familiar accent is important to the audience as they would be able to understand properly nature and purpose content of the voice-over.

Ease of understanding

Listening to a pleasant or proper voice is not important enough unless you can understand the content too. Thus a familiar accent provides the ease of understanding to the listener.

Targeting the right audience

Voice over in familiar accent is an easier way to target the right audience towards whom your product or service is targeted. This does not seem to add to the sales and marketing revenue, but it serves in publicising your product in the target audience who would discover and seek themselves the product or service launched for them.

Keeps Interest of the Audience

Especially in the scenario of marketing strategy familiar accent is of utmost importance. A Hebrew listener, of course, would be more interested in an English voice over accent close to his. Naturally, his inclination for the product would also increase.

Makes content more believable

A familiar accent makes the content believable by the audience. They find it approving for the product or service when heard in the accent familiar to them and builds their trust in the product.